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It all began with curiosity

Is your website accessible? That is the question that made me realize there is a need for websites to be accessible. However, before that question, I have been proudly building sites for over ten years, utterly clueless about this essential need and how it prevents 20% of the global population from participating equally over the internet.

Back then, I was one of the many developers, designers, businesses, and organizations unaware of the digital inclusivity gap. But now, transformed, I have made it my mission to bring digital inclusivity to everyone. The journey was long, and I have learned so much along the way.

As a result, Blue Beacon Creative was born with one goal — We want the internet to become a more inclusive and just place that opens its doors to more and more people through inclusive UX design and web development.

Alfredo Mercedes - Founder & CEO

Blue Beacon Creative's founder looking up with a curious face
Bringing equal access to the web for everyone. 20%.

Our work revolves around a simple belief: the internet should work for everyone.

We are an NYC digital agency on a mission to bring equal access to the web for everyone, regardless of physical or mental ability. We create inclusive UX Design experiences and Websites that allow you to reach 15-20% more of your audience, increase sales and reduce your marketing cost.

We're all about making the web an equal playing field. Our passion for inclusive design allows us to shake things up and break the mold of the old-school way of doing things over the internet. We believe that inclusive design isn't just a trend — it's what the world deserves, and we want to make sure your brand can deliver it.

Our Mission

To Change the way people think about websites through inclusion, simplicity and innovation.

Core Values

Tech for Impact

Use and create technology that changes the world and create positive impact.


Open communication and transparent feedback educate and drive growth.


Create social and environmental change by providing tools & resources.

Strategy Driven

Market research, analytics and psychographics to you connect to your customers.


Develop new methods to help you reach your full potential.


Practices that grow businesses and treat people (and the planet) with respect.

Our Services — Transforming the way to design, build and deliver digital experiences.

Your consumers have high standards, and thanks to the internet, way more choices. But, unfortunately, the internet isn’t just an information highway. It’s full of people. Judgy people.

People judge how you communicate, look, act, and how intuitive, and inclusive your digital experiences are. But, hey, it’s what makes us human. We're to help you serve the greater good while growing your business at the same time with our inclusive digital services.

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UX Design

Increase customer engagement, sales, and reduce your marketing cost with our user centered design services.

Web Development

Build, scale, and get to market faster with accessible websites designed and built to deliver results.

Accessibility Audits

Automated accessibility audits help you improve and maintain the accessibility of your web pages after project completion.

Design Systems

Design systems allow your team to spend less time worrying about getting the details right and spend more time on your users.