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Hey You! There's an ADA Loophole You Need to know About...

Today, over 90% of websites are not ADA and WCAG compliant.That means people with disabilities are struggling to use your website. Did you know that over one billion people worldwide have a disability? That's three times the population of the United States and 33 times the population of Texas.

After nearly two decades of web development experience, I discovered the deeper purpose behind building each digital presence. That purpose was accessibility.

I'm going to assume you have no idea who I am. Hi! I'm Fred Mercedes.

I'm a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and a Certified Interaction Designer from the Nielsen Norman Group. As a web developer with nearly two decades of experience, I have always been passionate about using the power of the internet to bring people together and provide equal opportunities.

As someone who has personally experienced discrimination and exclusion, I know firsthand the value of equity and belonging. That's why I made it my mission to help businesses, UX designers, and web developers create accessible websites and provide accessibility training.

Your Trusted Partner in Digital Inclusivity. Liberty, Justice, And Equality For Everyone Online.

My goal is to build awareness and spark action among digital professionals, so that we can make the internet a more inclusive place for everyone and achieve true internet freedom.

I started Blue Beacon Creative so that everyone can be digitally equal. Accessibility means giving people with disabilities equal access to resources, opportunities, and many other digital things that most people take for granted.

That's why we specialize in creating ADA & WCAG-compliant UX designs and developing accessible websites. Me and my supporting team of accessibility professionals is commmited to helping you reach a wider audience and promote inclusivity.

“Inclusive design isn't just a trend — it's what the world deserves. I want to ensure that your brand can deliver it.”

Fred Mercedes Web Accessibility Specialist Blue Beacon Creative

Three Ways You Can Work With Me. What brings you here today?

I Need Help With Custom Website Development

If you are looking for a done-for-you website development service, I build stunning websites made for people of all abilities.

Build My Website

I Need Help With Web Accessibility Training

For businesses with internal web developers, I provide 360° training on designing, and building accessible websites.

Train My Team

Learn Accessibility With UX Design & Web Dev Courses

If you are a freelancer, UX designer, or web developer, my courses cover the need-to-know behind an accessible digital presence.

Learn Accessibility
Don't Just Take My Word for It

Testimonials from Real People - Here's What Others Are Saying

Ryan Halpner

Senior Producer, PIX11, New York

I had never met someone so devoted to his work. Alfredo is on a constant journey to evolve his craft through knowledge, and it's refreshing to see. His research-driven approach to web development and UX Design allows him to come up with ingenious solutions, which is like magic to me!

Gabe Vasquez

Global Marketing Leader, World Education Services, New York

Alfredo's skill at developing Wordpress sites that are both modern, user friendly, and accessible is absolutely top-notch. I had the pleasure of working with, Alfredo during our time together at World Education Services. Whenever I have a need for website development or accessibility support, Alfredo is always my go-to expert. You won't find a better person that truly cares about your goals and supporting your success.

Meera Ravi

Digital operations, Viyoma Manufacturing

Alfredo is an experienced web developer and consultant building premium ADA compliant solutions for the web. I have worked with him on several projects; If you’re looking for a web consultant, look no further! Alfredo will partner with you every step of the way.

The Mission.

To change how people think about UX design, and web development to give voice and presence to anyone, anytime, anywhere through inclusion, simplicity and innovation.

Core Values

Tech for Impact

Use and create technology that changes the world and create positive impact.


Open communication and transparent feedback educate and drive growth.


Create social and environmental change by providing tools & resources.

Strategy Driven

Market research, analytics and psychographics to you connect to your customers.


Develop new methods to help you reach your full potential.


Practices that grow businesses and treat people (and the planet) with respect.

Let's break the mold and do things differently on the internet Embrace Inclusivity

Don't know where to begin with accessibility?

Schedule a discovery call with me to chat about your goals, and I'll show you how I can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm located in New York City. I'm available from 10:00AM to 6:00PM Eastern Time, give or take a few hours.

You can leave a message on the live chat, and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm online again -- we all gotta sleep after all, right?

Yes and no. I can collaborate with you consistently for weeks, even years, but only as an independent contractor. You can still think of it as full-time, aside from the engagement terms.

I prefer working alone on small to medium-sized projects, but I have a backup team for large projects that require a bigger team, so deadlines are met and budgets are kept.

Your information is safe with me. If I'm going to work on your project, both of us will sign an agreement to keep it confidential. And if I bring anybody else in on it, they have to sign one too.