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How to design user friendly interfaces for UX Design

Do you want to know how to design friendly applications?

Intuitive and friendly designs are an excellent tool for usability and engagement.

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to create friendly applications using four polite interaction principles.


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Have your users ever told you that your application is rude?

UX designer guidelines often contradict each other.

Some want the users to be in control, and others push users to give up control. So you might be wondering.

What rules should I follow to create friendly applications?

You don’t need to have an AI to be able to display polite behavior in a user interface or application.

Instead, friendly behavior can be mimicked by following regular social interaction principles.

Principle one. Polite software and UI anticipate your needs.

For example, a flight booking app would show you things that you will find helpful like hotels you could stay, activities at your
destination, and more.

Principle number two. Polite software and UI adapt to your needs.

A friendly application would allow you to customize that layout, color scheme, and workspace.

So you can work the way you want instead of the way it wants.

Principle number three. Polite software and user interfaces are forthcoming.

For example, Waze is a navigation app that provides live traffic updates.

Tells you if there is congestion up ahead, And suggests an alternative route if one is available.

Principle number four. Polite software and user interfaces are perceptive.

For example, youtube shows you content based on your viewing history, then it measures your engagement and suggests other related
the content you might find helpful.

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Are your applications friendly and accessible?

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