Why Making Your Website Accessible Is Important?

Your business could be losing an estimated $500 billion annually

Having an accessible website can mean many things. For businesses, it could mean increased sales and revenue. For people with disabilities, it could mean greater independence and inclusion in society. And for society as a whole, it can mean a more level playing field where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate.

Did you know that over one billion people worldwide have a disability? Making your website accessible can be a game changer for your business. Businesses who embrace accessibility can make up to 50% more revenue than competitors who are not accessible.

Bringing More People to The Party. It's Not Just a Website, it's Your Business.

As you look for ways to scale your business, don't forget about people with disabilities. Using accessible web design, you can reach one billion more users worldwide.

When your website is accessible, you’re making everyone feel included—not just people with disabilities. Say goodbye to your clunky digital presence that feels more like a maze than a website, and say hi to an inclusive digital experience made for everyone.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

+1Billion Users

Stay ADA & WCAG Compliant. Don't Re-invent The Wheel.

Websites are dynamic just like you. As you update your content and add new pages, you need a way to make sure you’re staying ADA, and WCAG compliant. I build components that make it easier for you to scale and grow your digital presence.

By creating re-usable pieces of code I help you stay ADA and WCAG-compliant, so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you add a new page or update your content.

What Happens During My Design Process.

I have a process for approaching every problem — I take it apart, make sense of it, and come up with solutions. These processes, and the order in which things happen, can change based on what you've already done and your needs.

Research & Market Analysis

Planning & Strategy

User Experience

Prototyping & User Testing

Web Development

Quality Assurance & Testing

Good for you. Good for business Don't Settle For Average.

Too many websites today feature standard layouts that may look pretty on the surface but lack substance and don't generate meaningful results.

Before you commit to purchasing or developing just another website, consider the new horizons made possible by web accessibility.

If you are looking to build or upgrade your website, now is the best time to prioritize digital inclusivity.

The Hidden Benefits of Accessible Websites.

Accessible websites not only broaden your potential market, but also strengthen your appeal to prospects within your existing market. Here's how:

Clearer Website Copy. Casual stories, not complex gibberish.

People with cognitive disabilities like ADHD and autism often need websites that are clear, simple and easy to use. Using simple and easy-to-understand words means everybody can understand what you are trying to say.

At the same time, using plain language is shown to boost SEO and increase conversions.

Increase Engagement With Common UX Design Patterns.

Design patterns serve as easy-to-understand clues for people with cognitive disabilities. When users see buttons, form fields, and menus they are familiar with, they will think of your brand in a positive light while spending more time on your website.

Keep them looking With Eye-catching Accessible Colors.

For people who can't see colors, or have other visual impairments, choosing the right colors and contrast for a user-friendly experience is essential.

Using strategic colors prevents eye strain while drawing attention to your key selling points. As a result, you can clearly get your message across on the first visit.

Give them choices with Keyboard Compatibility.

When your website is navigable with a keyboard, people with mobility challenges can reach every page, feature, and button without the need for a cursor.

Keyboard compatibility can help drive sales by helping users reach checkout pages, share links, and more.

Good for you. Good for business Invest in Your Company's Future.

Inclusive design is only growing in importance. Right now, nearly 5% of people have a cognitive disability. As the global population ages, these disabilities are only becoming more common.

To build a quality website, you may already be spending thousands of dollars on website development. Make the most out of every dollar by investing in ADA and WCAG compliance. In doing so, you will ensure that as many people as possible can use your website.

Don't know where to begin with accessibility?

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